[tor-talk] Tor Project and Youtube is blocked in Turkey too

Kus kusburnu at riseup.net
Fri Mar 28 02:24:48 UTC 2014

Hey Gordon,

> Hi Kus,
> As an American with minimal understanding of regional politics, I
> found this article about Erdogan's censorship quite enlightening.  I'd
> suggest it to others as well - h/t @quinnnorton, who is a great person
> to follow.
> Everyone Is Getting Turkey’s Twitter Block Wrong: Turkey isn’t trying
> to be North Korea, China or Iran; it’s trying to be Azerbaijan
> https://medium.com/technology-and-society/cb596ce5f27

Thanks for the article. I can say Erdogan has a straw man fallacy what is
obvious. He's finding a straw man, then exaggerating it with his media
power and publicizing it as a scapegoat. The worse and the more dangerous
part is he's making this with victimizing himself like "they attacked my
sisters, drunk alcohol in the mosque etc".

However, there's a news about "Facebook is going to block too" on the TV
tonight. News says "Telecommunication Presidency (TİB) is going to block
Facebook in 2 days due to national security." Btw, it's the same reason
with the Youtube block. Some of my friends says, Youtube is too slow,
experiencing SSL handshake errors. I guess they're making DPI maybe some
other analysis or MITM.

> This goes directly to the point you're making about Turkish people's
> perception of Tor.  It's very important, if possible, that that
> perception be corrected.

You're right. I'm working on this. 2 days ago I wrote an article called
"Is Tor a ghoul?" in Turkish and it's about what actually Tor is. But it's
really hard to remove straw men and I'm open for the advices.

> Thanks much and best of luck to you,
> - -Gordon M.


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