[tor-talk] Turkish Language Pack

M. Yıldırım m.deniz.yildirim at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 08:05:14 UTC 2014


You may already be aware of the restrictions in Tukey's extreme religious
ruling party named AKP. They now banned google dns servers too to restrict
access to twitter targeting for regular users who lacks at english. So
there are already sites for how to tutorials over the web and one of the
bast ways is to use TOR browser. But i worry about the populations huge
percentage who does not know english.

So i do have concerns about this planned evolution process from the ruling
party which is already pumping for an enslaved generation of ignorant
people. I do feel Tor browsers Turkish Language Pack will put a stick in to
their plans which will end up by providing more understandable how to ways
to get rid of web restrictions.

I kindly request a tor browser pack in turkish language to issue for this.
I hope you guys share the same responsibility as i feel. Furthermore i can
provide my service for translating every text in the browser to turkish
language because google translator may lack at giving a proper translation.

*Cheers,​ hope to hear from you soon,​*

*M. Deniz Yıldırım*

*Mobile:* +966 509 525 895
*Mobile:* +90 534 309 08 95

*Email:* m.deniz.yildirim at gmail.com

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