[tor-talk] tor and isp

jadaan jadaan at list.ru
Wed Mar 19 04:53:58 UTC 2014

dear sir
i have a Q can you answer please ? 
1- is tor hide the web sites link that i open from isp or only encrept data 
 for example if i use tor and open www.google.com
    and in search bar type food 
is tor hide from isp infomation that i open google or that i search food or both ?

2- is there a method posible to hide from isp totally information about what web sites i open and all activity that i do 

3- how can hide totally information from isp and search engine 
    for example if i want to open site wikipidi and dont want anyone to know that i am open that site is tor protect me ? 

4- what about mac address is tor hide it totally and hide my location 

5- other important Question very impotant please as profi answer 
  if i use a cell phone that dont have 3g and gps module very old kind of phone 
  can isp detect my location without having 3g and gps in cell phone 


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