[tor-talk] Tor Project: Core People up-to-date?

Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> bastik.tor at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 14 16:51:06 UTC 2014

Apparently I should look through the timeline more often (previously I did).

Quoting from

> Christian Fromme, Developer Christian works on all things python for
> Tor. He enhanced and maintains a slew of codebases for us, such as
> the get-tor email auto-responder, check.torproject.org, bridge db,
> tor weather, tor controller, tor flow, etc.

Aren't those things from the past? (check.tp.o has been rewritten,
weather is about to get re-written, bridgeDB is maintained by isis.)

Found while creating this ticket:

which I created in "response" to this ticket

Sebastian G.

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