[tor-talk] Keep ip in tor

muhammed gokce muhammed_gokce at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 16:13:03 UTC 2014

Where do I find the config file ?

> Op 13 mrt. 2014 om 17:11 heeft "Lars Luthman" <mail at larsluthman.net> het volgende geschreven:
>> On Thu, 2014-03-13 at 15:37 +0100, muhammed gokce wrote: 
>> Dear Miss/Sir,
>> I am a new user of Torproject, so I don't have many experience with it..
>> But I have a question. My tor browser gives every 3-5 minutes a new IP
>> adress. And I'm playing a online game on the internet wich is based on
>> text. So if my account is logging off every 3 a 5 minutes. I don't
>> want that tor changes it by himself every couple of minutes, but that
>> I can choose when I want for a new identity. 
>> I would like to keep a ip-adress for a few hours or till I choose for
>> a new ip. So my account don't log off. 
>> Could you help me with setting it ?
> Sounds like you should use the TrackHostExits and TrackHostExitsExpire
> options in the Tor config file. The first sets a list of domains for
> which Tor should try to use the same exit relay for a given amount of
> time, specified using the second. For example
> TrackHostsExits .example.org
> TrackHostsExitsExpire 7200
> will tell Tor to try to use the same exit relay for all subdomains of
> example.org for 2 hours (7200 seconds). See the manual for more
> information: https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-manual.html.en
> --ll
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