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Praedor Tempus praedor at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 22:37:54 UTC 2014

I was wondering...would a change to tor exits so they direct through public proxies/anonymizers get around black lists?  The tor user would still be anonymized but the ultimate source address seen by blacklisting websites would NOT be a tor exit so blocking tor exits would fail...

Is this too simple?  Perhaps add a setting that those who run exits could configure so their exit routes to a proxy?  


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Call me pessimistic if you will but unfortunately censorship is
something the heavy weights that run the joint want, and since they
own the media and make the laws is something that isnt going to go away.

Having said that...
1) Many of us can slow the tide and make things very difficult for
them, something they would rather avoid, sometimes but not often to
the point of them giving up, but at the end of the day these people
have all the power, money and make the laws ultimately they get there
way. Remember there is a lot at steak, there ability to lie to the
masses and maintain propaganda superiority is a powerful tool (which is
what this is really all about) they aint just going to throw away
because we want privacy.
2) Business's have no interest in stopping Tor anyway persay as
pointed out it loses them money from potential interested customers,
so an open recommendation of good practice from a reputable group like
the EFF could work wonders. You should just treat anonymous people as
anonymous people and restrict there ability to cause damage
accordingly, if they want more access rights get an account and login.
3) We cannot stop them doing censorship its a pretty forgone
conclusion it isnt going away, but what we can do is change it from
the government choosing to the community standard (us) choosing. Not
particularly easy but there are ways of doing distributed voting systems.


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