[tor-talk] Current attack of TOR to break anonymity

Maimun Rizal maimun.rizal at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 7 10:32:34 UTC 2014

Dear All,

is there any attack can be break anonymity in TOR network? if so, how?

I assume, if I want to break anonymity in the TOR network, I should take
control all of relays which are used by sender and destination as a
transmission media.
with this assumption, It is easy to show the differences attacker
probability in TOR network 2 relays or more relays.

some papers explained that TOR network can be broke by attacker take
control in entry and exit relays. so what differences if we use more relays
on path-link?

even there is attacker only need entry relays to break anonymity in TOR
network. so the path-link does not affect the level of anonymity.

where I can find the source explanation the kind of attacks that related
with path-link of the TOR network?

or how can we show it, with less relays on path-link will have less

if no differences, why TOR network use 3 TOR relays instead of 2 TOR relays
in path-link?

Thank you for advanced,


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