[tor-talk] Connecting to SQL through TOR

Peter Decker 94032921 at gmx.com
Mon Mar 3 04:13:11 UTC 2014

I have connected to many services including RDP, Web, FTP through TOR. For RDP I use a Proxifer that sends all connections from mstsc.exe though TOR. Right now I am having an issue connecting to SQL using the same method. Any ideas?

When I try to connect to SQL its saying proxy server cannot connect to host.

My Torrc files has these entries:

HiddenServiceDir C:\HSTest\SQL
HiddenServicePort 6001

Opening up a SQL connection through excel I get this error. I tried with multiple SQL tools, all get the same error. I CAN connect when I use the IP Address.

[03.01 13:34:02] EXCEL.EXE (9376) *64 - o4nel857ejnetkzw.onion:6001 error : Could not connect through proxy - Proxy server cannot establish a connection with the target - TTL expired.

This shows a successful RDP connection:

mstsc.exe *64 - rdp.domain.com:3389 open through proxy SOCKS5
[03.01 11:53:35] mstsc.exe *64 - rdp.domain.com:3389 close, 1483 bytes (1.44 KB) sent, 1492 bytes (1.45 KB) received, lifetime 00:21
[03.01 11:53:36] mstsc.exe *64 - rdp.domain.com:3389 open through proxy SOCKS5
[03.01 11:54:07] mstsc.exe *64 - rdp.domain.com:3389 close, 5656 bytes (5.52 KB) sent, 93231 bytes (91.0 KB) received, lifetime 00:31

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