[tor-talk] Protect from yandex

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Sun Mar 2 21:55:55 UTC 2014

On 03/02/2014 02:45 AM, force44 at Safe-mail.net wrote:
> I can use TOR on Yandex without any major problem including market
> and partner. SOME exit nodes are blocked, just use others. To select
> exit nodes from Moscow, seems hard, but look at the list of exit
> nodes and check tehir IP, MAYBE you will see that some of them are
> located in Moscow.
> Another way is to rent a VPN service located in Moscow, or even rent
> a VPS in a datacenter, use it as a proxy, send your emails through
> TOR to your VPS, so it will show the datacenter in Moscow IP. And if
> logs are checked by the datacenter< They will show TOR exit nodes
> from anywhere in the world.

Insorg has a Moscow exit, and works well in TCP mode, so you could route
it through Tor. You can pay with Bitcoins that have been thoroughly
anonymized among Multibit wallets in Whonix instances, using Blockchain
and/or Bitcoin Fog (which is a Tor hidden service). Don't use Onion BC,
but the way. It's become a scam.

> On 02-Mar-14 12:00 PM, Jadaan wrote:>
>> Please dont ignore me and give me a support give me 5 min please
>> and read all me email
>> Dear sir please help me or give me your advise Yandex.ru have site
>> market.yandex.ru and partner.yandex.ru They block me .somehow it
>> know me from pc maybe ?
>> it is very important for my bussniess At first i change my usb
>> modem and mac address using tmac soft And delete profile folder
>> befor login And change pc name and user name and windows owner name
>> from regedit but this is not enagh They still know me I want to ask
>> a question Please answer me ------------------------------------- 
>> 1- can yandex.ru know my motherboard or proccessor or hard disk
>> imei or serial number after i signin or from my windows serial nb I
>> mean can they detect me from hardware. Do i need to purchase a new
>> pc and modem and simcard that used in usb modem Or purchase new
>> windows xp ? To other user for them 
>> ------------------------------------- 2- can yandex.ru know which
>> sim card i use is they read iccid or other things 
>> --------------------------------------- 3- please please please How
>> can i spacify tor to be shown that my location is moscow-city
>> russia beacouse they block any comments or move i made beacouse of
>> location. They have they filter I know that excitenode can put
>> {ru} But i need only moscow city -------------------- 4- if i
>> recive an email from yandex and make it by filler automaticly send
>> a copy to gmail or hotmail Can they know spacify mobile that i will
>> read my email from And is there a secure email box that i can read
>> it from my mobile and the sender will never know from where i read
>> it and from which pc or mobile i read it 
>> -------------------------------- 4-How can i filter geoip list
>> {ru} for moscow-city location only Or from where i can get or
>> purchase Geoip only moscow-city russia working to put it in gioip
>> list ---------------------------------- Or is there any comand that
>> i can use to make it
>> Please answer 4Q
>> Thanks
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>> Отправлено с iPhone

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