[tor-talk] Why make bad-relays a closed mailing list?

Öyvind Saether oyvinds at everdot.org
Thu Jul 31 17:58:34 UTC 2014

> A bad-relays mailing list would IMO take a degree of care to do
> right, considering that email gets gathered at the packet level by 
> intelligence agencies who are expected to be initiating attacks. 
> Sensitive stuff would belong as GPG or PGP emails or similar. Juicy 
> details regarding bad-relays discussion should be tighter than even a 
> closed mailing list, is my thought.

Too bad "ContactInfo email_address" in torrc isn't "ContactInfo
email_address gpgkey" or alternatively 

ContactEmail x at y
ContactKey numbers

There is currenctly no safe way to be contacted by the Tor gang and
this is a problem with your idea.
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