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I am not sure if this the correct forum for this question and if not would you direct me there; however:

I am aware that there is a Project Idea (under https://www.torproject.org/getinvolved/volunteer.html.en#improvedDnsSupport) point q. Improved DNS support for Tor; however has there been any exploration or development of a fully fledged DNS system for Tor that could give human readable names to hidden services?

This could give full DNS control over the domain and expand on the project listed above.  This would give a step advance in usability of Hidden Services and therefore the user traffic and public awareness.

If further consideration is given to also pursuing the registration of the .onion domain as a TLD, this could also open further publicity and revenue for the Tor Project.   The domain auctions for .tv and .co raised significant revenue for the Tuvalu and Colombian countries not to mention the managing organisations.

Has any of this been looked at previously or are there reasons why this is not being pursued?
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