[tor-talk] Spoofing a browser profile to prevent fingerprinting

Craw paulus.smirnov at yandex.ru
Tue Jul 29 19:50:25 UTC 2014

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Real privacy or false feeling of pseudo-privacy?

"It breaks lots of sites" - now it's the only reason why JS is enabled.
We do everything to make Tor easy-to-use for all users... but we give
them only a false feeling of pseudo-privacy. Adequately determine your
aim and the enemy's abilities. Your aim is to be anonymous. Who's your
enemy? Other users, neighbors, provider? No, you want to hide from the
government. So, your enemy controls ALL channels of communication.

Using SOCKS for torrent, Tor Browser or VPN you've bought on your
credit card, I2P on Windows - it's just playing in hide'n'seek: you
are invisible while nobody is looking for you.
TailsOS with virtual machine, where all connections go only through
Tor and I2P, VPN registered for a fake person and bought on Bitcoin...
That's all not something paranoidal - it's just the basic way to stay
anonymous. And make JS enabled by default only because it's
comfortable - well, maybe it's more comfortable to use proxy instead
of tor?

On 29.07.2014 4:10, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
> This is all interesting, but I'm still concerned that the use / non
> use / intermittent use of java script still stares TBB users in the
> face.
> And it seems like the family secret no one wants to discuss. As
> outlined in the TBB FAQ, there are distinct drawbacks - no matter
> how js is approached. Whether it's always allowed, (almost) never
> allowed, or configured per site - all 3 have distinct cons.
> One problem is, there's no "ruling" from Tor devs.  One reason for
> that is disabling it breaks lots of sites.
> But unless the MUCH greater amount of fingerprinting data that's 
> available when JS * IS * enabled is not enough to be concerned
> about (I can't imagine that), then it may not matter how well *
> some *other data are concealed. Plus, unless you go to only a few
> sites that require no JS, you have to turn it on - at least some. 
> But, enabling JS allows sites to get FAR more info & allows
> trackers to compare that fingerprint to other sites you visit
> (unless you change the fingerprint between each site).
> And supposedly leaving JS off (if possible) distinguishes you from
> other TBB users that leave NoScript at the default setting.
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