[tor-talk] how many verify their tbb ?

mick mbm at rlogin.net
Tue Jul 29 14:54:10 UTC 2014

On Tue, 29 Jul 2014 14:52:30 +1000
"shmick at riseup.net" <shmick at riseup.net> allegedly wrote:
> Andrew Lewman wrote:
> > 
> > So roughly, 9122:1624 or 18% if I did my top-of-the-head math
> > right. And technically, this is just requests for the .asc file, no
> > idea if the person/bot actually ran gpg --verify on it.
> > 
> nginx maybe ?
> that's interestingly high - i would have put money on < 5%
> of course, we can't measure/know the human verification (or can we)

Is it safe to assume that a high proportion of those actually
bothering to download the .asc will then go on to verify? If not, why
would they bother to download?

I have just checked on my tails mirror and I get the slightly
depressing results below:

cat tails.log.1 | grep tails-i386-1.1.iso | grep -v .sig | sort -t. +0
-3 -u | wc -l


cat tails.log.1 | grep tails-i386-1.1.iso.sig | sort -t. +0 -3 -u | wc


which I make 0.68%

Note that I have used a different approach to Andrew because I think
his approach will overestimate the number of file retrievals. Certainly
in my logs I see multiple parallel connections from the same IP
address (with resulting HTTP status code 206 for partial content). My
sort above should strip those out. If I use Andrew's approach and do
not strip the multiple connections from the same address I get the
even more depressing results below:

cat tails.log.1 | grep tails-i386-1.1.iso | grep -v .sig | wc -l


which would give only 0.15% bothering to check the signature.

(Of course, since many connections to my mirror may come over Tor my
sort will remove any which happen to pop out of the same exit - so the
approach is far from perfect. That said, my awstats runs show answers
consistent with the approach I have used.) 



 Mick Morgan
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