[tor-talk] Spoofing a browser profile to prevent fingerprinting

Paul Templeton paul at apawc.com.au
Tue Jul 29 13:29:51 UTC 2014

Fingerprinting is becoming herder to circumvent an new tactics added all the time you really need a way to remove your system from the equation.

The simplest way would be to add a VE service on a TOR relay publishing a browser. You would not only be asking TOR relay providers to donate some bandwidth but also some processing power. TOR users connect to a VE via a client to get to a browser and if there is any fingerprinting it just on the relay - nothing is stored on the users system. The VE would destroy the session one disconnected. Being a VE environment you could use all the normal tools of balance loading and migrating of running sessions across the TOR network. Down side would be whether or not the existing network could cope with data streaming.

One day when I have time I might build a VE environment and experiment such a concept.

Warm Regards


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