[tor-talk] Android app: Torrific

CJ tor at tengu.ch
Sun Jul 27 17:43:17 UTC 2014

On 07/24/2014 08:01 AM, CJ wrote:
> Hello,
> Just a small announce (not sure if this is the right ML, sorry).
> I'm developing an Android app allowing to block all IP traffic, and
> force only selected app through Orbot.
> This is done because neither Orbot nor AFWall (or other free, opensource
> Android iptables managment interface) seem to be able to do that…
> Website is here: https://torrific.ch/ (yep, Switzerland, a
> not-so-against-Tor country)
> Source code is on github: https://github.com/EthACKdotOrg/Torrific
> Released under GPLv2
> Still under heavy development, it's released under "alpha" tag. It
> should go beta shortly (still have to add some new features as described
> down the website).
> Any feedback is welcome, it's not a so huge app, but I still think it
> may be of some use for people wanting to ensure they don't send traffic
> outside Tor, and wanting to redirect only some traffic through it.
> Thanks for your attention and, most important, thank you for Tor, Orbot
> and the freedom it provides!
> Cheers,
> C.


some news regarding this app:

Name / legal:
for now, I didn't get any answer from Andrew Lewman, who kindly
contacted me…
I added mentions so that it's clear torrific isn't from Tor Project.
Maybe that's enough — as I don't get answer, I stick with it. We will
see the outcome, hopefully it will stay as is.

- enable browser to bypass firewall and orbot in order to connect to
some captive portal. It requires the user to select an app in the
settings, enabling the menu entry. When he enable the browser bypass,
there's a 5-minutes timers, after that the rule is removed. User can, of
course, remove the rule himself, just tapping the option in the menu

- enable SIP UDP bypass: as pointed by Mike Perry, this is a good thing;
hence, the user may select his SIP application in the settings, and this
also enables an menu entry… Tapping on it set a *persistent* flag
allowing UDP traffic from the selected app to go out. Persistent means:
next reboot will see the rules applied as well.

- enable tethering: I get some requests in order to enable tethering (I
wasn't that happy, as it may go insecure because of apps running on the
third-party device). Enabling it requires to activate the option in the
settings, and enable/disable the rules from the menu.
All tethered traffic goes through Tor. No alternative (for now).

- init-script management: allows to enforce init-script (it's installed
after android update), or disable it (basically: remove the init-script)

Most probably there are some bugs. But for now the app runs without any
problems on two of my devices, and I'm happy with that ;).

If anybody wants to give it a try, and catches some bugs or, more
important, sees errors in iptables rules (that's what I really fear),
please open issues, or contact me by mail if you don't want to open a
github account (or be seen providing advices for this app, who knows ;) ).



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