[tor-talk] What are use cases made unpleasant by Tor's speed?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 06:39:40 UTC 2014

> * Hidden Services
> Wiki and TorChan come to mind.

These have always worked perfectly fine.

> * Streaming video/porn -- I can imagine people in many jurisdictions

Low bandwidth video from a good codec is not intolerable, and
reinforces good old fashioned content is more important than
needless pixels. And porn? Wtf, really?!

Tor itself isn't slow, it's the bandwidth the nodes provision
that makes it seem slow in the face of many users trying
to watch porn (really?), presentations (wasted) in hidef,
and leech attacks.
And they all seem to think they can abuse/leech 7x their
usage to the net for free... that's unsustainable and uncool.

In the long term steady state, users must support with open
bandwidth, and the circs may need to path through available

Now if latency (keystrokes) were to get much worse, that
would seem less tolerable than lower bandwidth.
And Tor doesn't support UDP for things like Mosh, so
you're stuck with TCP's issues there.

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