[tor-talk] outernet help of tor volunter

raiogam mestri raiogam at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 27 01:08:08 UTC 2014

https://discuss.outernet.is/t/onion-pi-in-cubesat-outernet/519/1his a my post in outernet is a open source project o anon and high speed internet is need of tor volunter to post in https://discuss.outernet.is/t/onion-pi-in-cubesat-outernet/519/1 is comment help tor and help a outernet the admin post in my topic in outernet for me and all tor volunter...i is one of few outernet and tor volunter of two same time i'm one and i get more people of two project for symbioze of projectshttps://discuss.outernet.is/t/onion-pi-in-cubesat-outernet/519/1 		 	   		  

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