[tor-talk] ISP surveillance.

krishna e bera keb at cyblings.on.ca
Thu Jul 24 18:16:16 UTC 2014

On 14-07-24 01:51 PM, s7r wrote:
> Using Tor will encrypt your data totally with multiple layers, this
> means that your ISP can see that you are using Tor, and nothing more.
> They can't see what sites you visit, what data you download,
> intercept, modify or alter the data you download, can't see if you are
> accessing hidden services and what hidden services, etc. Bottom of the
> line, your ISP can see you are using Tor and that's all, nothing more.

If either the Tor exit node or destination computer gets its connection
from the *same* ISP as you, then the ISP could correlate the traffic
end-to-end and be pretty sure it was you who was accessing that
resource, though they might not be able to read the contents.

Tor cannot encrypt connections beyond the exit node - that is your
responsibility. If the connection from your computer to the destination
computer isnt encrypted with something at least as strong as SSL, then
the exit node operator and anyone else watching traffic coming out of
the exit node can see the contents.  With hidden services, however, the
connection is encrypted from your computer to the hidden service port,
so snoopers cannot read the contents.

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