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On 7/24/2014 8:24 PM, Marcos Eugenio Kehl wrote:
> Hello experts! TAILS, running by usb stick, protect me against
> forensics tecnics in my pc. Ok. TOR, running as a client only or as
> a relay, protect (theoretically) my privacy. Ok. But... if my
> static IP, provided by my ISP, is under surveillance by a legal
> requirement, what kind of data they can sniff?
> I mean, my connection looks like a simple HTTPS, or they know I am
> diving into the Deep Web, "hacking the world"? Could the ISP
> capture the downloads dropping into my pc when running TAILS? If
> so, TOR Socks (proxy + TOR) is the pathway to deceive and blindfold
> my ISP?
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/proxychain.html.en
> Thanks.
> Marcos Kehl (Brazil)


it is irrelevant if your IP is static or dynamic - the ISP has that
data tied to a broadband internet access account so they know it's you
either way, regardless your IP type.

Using Tor will encrypt your data totally with multiple layers, this
means that your ISP can see that you are using Tor, and nothing more.
They can't see what sites you visit, what data you download,
intercept, modify or alter the data you download, can't see if you are
accessing hidden services and what hidden services, etc. Bottom of the
line, your ISP can see you are using Tor and that's all, nothing more.
Using Tor is not a felony under any circumstances.

If you don't want your ISP to learn you are using Tor, you can choose
to connect to the Tor network via an obfuscating bridge (make sure you
choose obfs3 pluggable transport) and in this case your ISP won't even
see that you are using Tor, it will see obfuscated random traffic,
inconclusive traffic.

Go to https://bridges.torproject.org/ fetch your obfs3 bridges and put
them in your torrc for Tor Browser or at startup when booting Tails do
not select "This computer's connection is free of obstacles", choose
to enter a bridge, and enter your bridge previously fetched from

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