[tor-talk] Tor Browser window size

Joe Btfsplk joebtfsplk at gmx.com
Thu Jul 24 15:13:24 UTC 2014

On 7/24/2014 3:58 AM, Georg Koppen wrote:
> Joe Btfsplk:
>> Should TBB always start in partial window size?
> It depends on your available screen size. But in almost all cases, yes,
> TBB should always start in partial window size at least until we find a
> good way to deal with maximized browser windows (see e.g.:
> https://bugs.torproject.org/7256).
Thanks Georg,
Clearly I've forgotten or never knew why (partial) TBB window sizes can 
be spoofed, but standard multiples for maximized TBB windows *can't* be 
spoofed, instead.

? Don't a "majority" of users maximize something like browsers, for 
general use?  I've never seen it mentioned that most users leave TBB in 
partial screen.
I wouldn't think TBB (window size) would be used differently than 
regular browsers (a result of human habit).

I rarely see people using browsers in partial size, unless doing some 
between app operation / comparison.  I'm talking about what the masses do.
>> Vanilla Firefox starts in maximized mode, if that was the state when
>> closed (I think).
>> TBB always starts in partial screen mode, even if last closed while in
>> full screen.  Many apps remember the last screen size.
>> Is there an anonymity reason to have TBB  start in partial screen?
> Not per se, but see https://bugs.torproject.org/7256 for the issue that
> still needs to get solved first.
I don't understand your last statement in relation to the bug you linked:
> Right now, we set the size of new Tor Browser windows such that their 
> content area is a 200x100 multiple. We also lie to content that the 
> entire desktop resolution is this size.
> However, this potentially leaks information for users who maximize 
> their browser windows, as such windows will no longer be rounded.
There, Mike P. is clearly saying that maximizing TBB window poses a 
threat (under the right circumstances).  Am I misunderstanding it?
But, I'm unclear on which sentence (current TBB behavior) causes 
potential info leak, *IF users maximize* TBB:
The 1st sentence, "... content area is a 200x100...", or the 2nd one, 
"We also lie...."  Or, both?

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