[tor-talk] Tor Browser window size

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Jul 24 08:58:45 UTC 2014

Joe Btfsplk:
> On 7/23/2014 2:49 AM, Georg Koppen wrote:
>> Red Sonja:
>>> I'm running the latest TBB on linux32. How do I reset the window size? I
>>> moved one side by mistake and I can't set it back by hand. Each time I
>>> run it, it's the window size from the last session.
>> That should not happen. If you resize a window and then e.g. click on
>> "New Identity" you should get your default window size again and not the
>> one from some last session. Does this happen with a clean, new Tor
>> Browser? If so, please file a bug at https://bugs.torproject.org giving
>> some steps to reproduce as we'd need to investigate that further.
> Should TBB always start in partial window size?

It depends on your available screen size. But in almost all cases, yes,
TBB should always start in partial window size at least until we find a
good way to deal with maximized browser windows (see e.g.:

> Vanilla Firefox starts in maximized mode, if that was the state when
> closed (I think).
> TBB always starts in partial screen mode, even if last closed while in
> full screen.  Many apps remember the last screen size.
> Is there an anonymity reason to have TBB  start in partial screen?

Not per se, but see https://bugs.torproject.org/7256 for the issue that
still needs to get solved first.


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