[tor-talk] Tor Browser window size

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Jul 24 08:46:38 UTC 2014

> Can't TBB also alternativly just rig the functions that report window
> size to report whatever size you tell it, regardless of actual size?
> ie 1024x768x24 .

Sure. You can report that you have a window size of 0x0 if you want. Or
42x23 or 1234x567. But the problem is a) that you want to be in a group
of users with the same window size AND b) that there is no means to get
(further) information on what your actual window size is. Reporting
"whatever size you tell it" is not appropriate to achieve these two
related goals. It turns out that especially b) is quite hard if you do
not report the actual window size.


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