[tor-talk] apt-transport-tor, hidden service usage to reduce exit load? exit enclaves dead?

Tim Retout tim at retout.co.uk
Wed Jul 23 22:14:21 UTC 2014

On Wed, 2014-07-23 at 21:27 +0000, Nusenu wrote:
> I was wondering if it makes sense to use hidden service addresses to
> access apt mirrors instead of going through an exit to reduce the load
> on exit relays?

I'm interested in the answer to this question, because I keep changing
my mind as to whether hidden service Debian mirror(s) are worth setting
up.  Would we need to create a redirector service like http.debian.net
to balance the load?

In terms of load on the Tor network, I would have thought that hidden
services cost double the bandwidth, because they use six hops instead of
three.  But I don't know whether exit node bandwidth is the bottleneck.

If anyone's really interested in apt-transport-tor, by the way, there's
this quite interesting bug report that I wouldn't mind more eyes on:


(which actually affects anyone running apt over Tor using e.g. tsocks)

Tim Retout <tim at retout.co.uk>
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