[tor-talk] I can't use tor in state university's campus network...

Griffin Boyce griffin at cryptolab.net
Wed Jul 23 06:24:25 UTC 2014

ttzeqq wrote:
>>> > I am in US.What can I do?

   The easiest way to bypass such a restriction is to select Configure 
when launching TorBrowser, select No when asked if you need to use a 
proxy, then select Yes when asked if the firewall only allows access to 
certain ports.  Here are some screenshots to help: 

> Patrick <apexcp at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Do a lot of universities block Tor?

   This is usually a result of them restricting ports to 80 & 443 -- not 
actually trying to block Tor.  Amusingly, this was also the case when I 
was doing a demo at the Tails launch party.  Local network blocked all 
ports but 443 and 80.  Awkward.


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