[tor-talk] Tor Browser usability - frequent broken connections

Delton Barnes delton.barnes at mail.ru
Tue Jul 22 12:45:12 UTC 2014

Delton Barnes:
> I use Tor Browser for all web browsing as many of you probably do.  A
> frequent problem is you will be logged in to various sites and then the
> connection will break.  For instance, attempting to make any request
> gives "Firefox could not establish a connection to the server at ...".
> Changing identities will always rectify the problem, but doing so via
> the onion button causes all open windows and tabs to be closed, which
> means you have to log back in and then get back to whatever page you
> were on.  This is especially troublesome if you were filling out a form
> or completing a multi-step process in a web application.
> Is there a way to change identities or just circuits without closing
> everything and without using an external application?  I understand the
> browser is closed and re-opened when you request a new identity to
> prevent your identity from being associated with your prior identity,
> but sometimes you do not need a new identity and just want to fix the
> connection.
> I do not think this a problem specific to me because it occurs on
> multiple devices on multiple networks.

The FAQ answers my question:

This ticket is for exactly the feature I'm seeking:

It's flagged tbb-easy, so maybe I'll try to implement.


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