[tor-talk] Escalating hidden services

Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> bastik.tor at googlemail.com
Thu Jul 17 16:41:22 UTC 2014

16.07.2014 20:10, Griffin Boyce:
> Fosforo wrote:
>> I am a big fan of pinkmeth hidden service
>   Then I question your ethics. Nonconsensual porn is an extreme
> violation of someone's trust -- not to mention gross and illegal. It's
> also a slap in the face to people who run hidden services because their
> free speech rights are being violated.

I'm not agreeing with what pinkmeth does. For the case that they do what
the media has told me, it's all about "revenge" porn.

Assuming most of the content was created with the consent of every
person involved, the created porn was consensual porn. Eventually and in
most cases very likely the produced porn was only created for private
entertainment and not expected to be made public by either side.

For cases involving pictures and videos taken against someones consent
or without knowledge I would find it acceptable to call it nonconsensual

It just might mislead people to believe the sexual actions also happened
without consent, but that is just a guess on my side.

Anyway, improving hidden-services for the purpose of hosting revenge
porn, that has actually been published with ill intent is distasteful.
Sure, there is much worser stuff on and off Tor as far as the media report.

> ~Griffin

Sebastian G.
don't mess with Tor, please.

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