[tor-talk] Outbound SMTP via TOR?

Rene Bartsch ml at bartschnet.de
Thu Jul 17 08:06:52 UTC 2014

Citadel is a groupware with integrated MTA, MDA, Jabber- and web-server 
which makes it very easy to configure for average joes. Setting up a TOR 
hidden service is no problem. TLS is not necessary as TOR already uses 
end-to-end encryption. The problem is to make Citadel sending outgoing 
SMTP/Jabber traffic to the TOR client.

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Am 2014-07-17 08:27, schrieb Elrippo:
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> I am using Exim on a hidden service.
> Principally make your SMTP listen on local host and on the used onion
> TLD, and edit the hidden service line, so it will redirect incoming
> traffic on port 25 and/or 587 to localhost: 25 and/or localhost:587.
> Be sure to build a certificate corresponding to your onion TLD, else
> users might get confused.
> I personally didn't get spamassasin to work with a SMTP on localhost,
> but that's another story :)

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