[tor-talk] Escalating hidden services

Fosforo fosforo at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 18:35:23 UTC 2014

>* Find a better network for the servers and instead of doing 'nginx -> tor
-> apache' just go 'nginx -> apache'. You can of course still use SSL to
encrypt the data
>inbetween. This reduces a lot of latency.

>* Rather than putting everything on a single domain, just put only the
HTML on the primary .onion domain and put all static content, such as
>videos and images, on a different server. You could scale the static
content part really well by just returning one of several .onion domains
that all have your
>static content. Give the user a small cookie that can be used to make sure
the same static server is always used for the same user.

Thank you Tom.

Will look into this 2 options, sounds promising.

[]s Fosforo
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