[tor-talk] Another incompetent hosting provider, Online.net

Patrick ZAJDA patrick at zajda.fr
Tue Jul 15 11:00:52 UTC 2014


I asked them by opening a support ticket ans I hadn't the same answer.
The person who replied just noticed me to be prepared in the case of
investigation, not instating me not to do it.
For relay, he told me there were no problem, still better than OVH who
stop servers for strange reasons, don't allow any tor, but if we look at
French spam/fishing headers, they come from OVH and they take a long
time to treat abuse requests ;)

I have set a relay on my Dedibox without any problem for some months now.

Le 14/07/2014 23:29, Michael Ball a écrit :
> Asked a simple question on Online.net's hosting forum about whether or not
> they permit Tor relays and exits. Administrator of the forum (co/vice-CTO
> of the company) replies with this: (source
> http://forum.online.net/index.php?/topic/4642-do-you-allow-tor/?p=24618 )
> "99% of its [Tor's] traffic is still pedopornography and piratery, so
> morally we thinks it's a "bad thing" to use (you don't promote freedom of
> expression to the cost of other freedoms and safety, especially in regards
> to children...)"
> Yeah, um, I use Tor every day for everything (same with most of you) and
> I'm sure a large majority of us don't download kiddy porn. p2p is disabled
> by default and torrenting/pirating media does not account for "99%" of Tor
> network traffic.
> "also police will probably ask us to lock your server for prosecutions
> within a week .... this happens all the time (and it is very boring for
> you and us)"
> Online.net is based in France, and I'm pretty sure that nobody in France
> has been locked up for running a Tor node.
> "I should also show you (but sadly I am of course not allowed to...) some
> of the pics we get with autorities requests, not very fun to see pictures
> of kids abused every day you know... (yes, we do receive such requests
> -daily-)"
> I laugh. Authorities aren't supposed to be able to show you the photos
> they've found to make a request to take down a box, am I right? I thought
> that went to a judge/court to get a legal order.
> "PS: you should also expect a lot of incoming DDoS on your box ... (one
> DDoS out of three these days are going to a ToR node ...)"
> ...but, your service absorbs all DDoS?!?! how is this an issue?!!?!
> tl;dr i don't suggest using online.net for hosting tor exits. maybe relays.

Patrick ZAJDA
Skype : gansta93

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