[tor-talk] How does TorBirdy work?

Red Sonja BM-2cTpEdTADjx2bQf6WuuX1CPER78Sq3xL76 at bitmessage.ch
Mon Jul 14 12:00:11 UTC 2014

So TorBirdy makes my Thunderbird access .onion sites. That's all I know
so far.

1. Does the regular browsing (extensions for example) is through Tor?

2. How do I change identity like the TBB new identity?

3. Does my mail checking go through the current 3 hop chain I use for
browsing in the TBB?

4. Can I insure a new path for each account checked?

I know about corelation between log times and packet data. I'm more
about yahoo not seeing two yahoo connections from the same IP at the
same time for me. I don't care if 10 others are checking their yahoo
account at the same time.

5. Once logged into IMAP, the taken path and thus exit IP will stay the
same untill I close down Thunderbird?

6. Does the RSS part of Thunderbird go through Tor as well?

7. Can Chat be used through Tor?

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