[tor-talk] Questions about NSA monitoring of Tor users.

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> > 2.  Tor is a communications platform, the NSA's job is to monitor
> > communications and intercept military planning that effects either
> > itself or its partners.  ... Leaving blind spots would be
> > dangerous to national security as it provides opportunities for
> > planning and coordination.  So, there is a legitimate case here and
> > no one denies it.
> >
> i agree with your analysis of NSA's job, but not with your statement
> that no one denies that its job is legitimate.

	That's right. The nsa's 'job' is not legitimate. 

	AND, more important, it is a scam. 

	Do you seriously believe that if there were any real terrorists
	out there, they would plan their actions using gmail accounts,
	or even the pentagon's fake anonimity network aka Tor? 

	Do you actually believe these alleged 'terrorists' could be
	THAT stupid? 

	The US government spies on ordinary cattle, aka subjects, not
	on terrorists. Also, they probably spy on 'foreign' businesses
	and so serve the interests of american fascist 'free market'

> on the contrary, while both Snowden and Greenwald, if read carefully,
> agree with you (at least mostly), virtually everyone who comments on
> the Snowden materials, including some very prominent journalists &
> bloggers, hackers & activists & technologists, and many others,
> strike me as absolutely denying that there is any legitimate case for
> not leaving blind spots. i suspect many on this list deny it too,
> though I wouldn't pretend to speak for them.
> i wish what you said were true, but I see much evidence to the
> contrary: in fact, I sometimes think that this is the point.
> >    Did no one notice trillions are being drained from the US economy
> > into some unidentified military project for the last decade or
> > more???
> >
> > It would seem to indicate that there is a Manhatten-style project
> > underway.
> >
> > do you have any links or additional info about this? beyond the
> > vague
> sense of large black budgets, I'm not sure exactly what you might be
> referring to.

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