[tor-talk] What is keeping the SSH connection alive?

Andreas Krey a.krey at gmx.de
Tue Jul 8 05:30:27 UTC 2014

On Tue, 08 Jul 2014 07:08:50 +0000, Nurmi, Juha wrote:
> The wireless router is keeping the SSH connection alive until I reboot it.
> I don't understand how this is possible.

On a TCP connection (which the SSH connection is) there is no traffic when
neither side is sending anything. If you just disappear from the WLAN, as
far as the other side is concerned, you are still there. This changes...

> The SSH server has the default settings (keep alive settings are commented
> out):

...as soon as the other side sends something and then doesn't get the acks;
then the connection times out and the server sees that the client has vanished.
Thus enabling server-side timeout will (quite probably) improve this behaviour.


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