[tor-talk] washingtonpost.com: In NSA-intercepted data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are

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Thanks Cristopher.
Same situation here in old Europe. I am German, and our surveillance
service BND (= Bundesnachrichtendienst) does exactly the same. In
Frankfurt we have got the world's biggest internet-hub, the DE-CIX
(Continental Europe, Eastern-Europe, Near East ...).
And guess who is wiretapping and analysing /the whole traffic/?
Correctly, the BND. (1)(2) From 2004 to 2007 an unknown amount of raw
internet and telephone traffic was forwarded directly to the NSA, only
the data from Germans was filtered. (3) This measure was stopped
because our respected government (the circa 5 people who knew that,
/not/ the control comitee of the parliament) came to the conclusion
that it became too delicate.
Well, actually the Greeks read the newspapers and think that mass
surveillance by the Germans is a bad idea. (4)

I am sure that every serious secret service in the world runs such and
similar programs.

=> We do not deal with an American "NSA problem". We deal with a
worldwide surveillance problem!









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On 06/07/14 16:50, C B wrote:
> And yet countless times we were lied to and said no there is no
> way to read any of the e-mail messages - only meta data is being
> collected, there is no "button" to press to see the message. What a
> lie. There is no button, because everything is being collected.
> As an American I would like to see NSA completely shut down. All
> persons, "foreigners" and "Americans" have the same right to
> privacy, and it is a crime for the NSA to be collecting Internet
> traffic from everyone. It is clear that Abbottabad and Umar Patek
> could have just as easily been captured using local police work
> without intercepting one byte of Internet traffic. This needs to
> end. But in the meantime, all traffic needs to be encrypted and
> anonymized so that none of it can be intercepted and used. All
> telephone calls, all e-mail, all text messages - all electronic
> messages need to be encrypted.
> -- Christopher Booth
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> data, those not targeted far outnumber the foreigners who are
> Quote from SIGINT Raw data:
> "Im putting all my pride aside just to say that i will miss you
> dearly and your the only person that i really allowed myself to get
> close to after losing my ex husband, my dad and my brother.. Im
> glad it was so easy for you to move on and put what we had aside
> and for me well Im just soo happy i met you. You will always remain
> in my heart. I know you left for a purpose it hurts like hell
> sometimes not because Im needy but because i wish i could have been
> with you."
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