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Geoff Down geoffdown at fastmail.net
Fri Jul 4 16:51:49 UTC 2014

On Fri, Jul 4, 2014, at 04:51 PM, ideas buenas wrote:
> Visiting the same website with Tor or normal Firefox its gave me the same

 So this is nothing to do with Tor.

> Remote Address:
> s3-us-west-2-w.amazonaws.com
> ec2-174-129-247-121.compute-1.amazonaws.com
> edge-star-shv-04-gru1.facebook.com
> as an example. 

>While ones repeat themselves in both browsers, others not.

That's not particularly unusual - the website you are visiting is seeing
accesses from different countries, and so may be serving slightly
different content to suit those countries.
It may also server slightly different content at different times.

> One class of unidentifies servers are the ones that not respond to a
> whois lookup. 
 If you mean that there is no Whois entry for
 s3-us-west-2-w.amazonaws.com , for example, that is normal: Whois only
 provides data for second-level domains (in this case amazonaws.com),
 not subdomains of those. Also of course some Top-Level-Domains (.eu,.au
 for example) provided only limited information - which they are
 entitled to do. 

> Other class use an address that not resolve in whois with that
> address and instead belongs to other
 I don't understand this, sorry. Can you give an example?

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