[tor-talk] Funny, but not amusing browsing

Seth David Schoen schoen at eff.org
Thu Jul 3 20:29:11 UTC 2014

Spam 06 writes:

> I admit I have installed more extensions to TBB. Only FSF approved
> licenses, mind you ;-) I have no flash, no java, only the add-ons.
> When I browse Wikipedia some of the images are messed up. Meaning there
> is another image, most of the time a detail from a larger picture in
> place. You can see the not so sharp image and check with the captions -
> that is certainly the wrong image.
> Wikipedia, thanks to HTTPS Everywhere is always on HTTPS.
> I got worried yesterday when instead of the Wikipedia logo on the
> top-left corner there was the picture of a nazi (army) guy with a
> swastika and all. I haven't noticed any other site to have this problem.
> And I have no issues using other protocols routed through Tor.

Can you right-click on the image and Inspect Element?  If so, does it

style="background-image: url(//upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/bc/Wiki.png);"

or the equivalent for the language version of Wikipedia that you're

Can you press Ctrl+I while visiting that page and look through the Media
list to find that image?  Can you see exactly what URL it was loaded from?

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