[tor-talk] Funny, but not amusing browsing

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Thu Jul 3 19:52:05 UTC 2014

I admit I have installed more extensions to TBB. Only FSF approved
licenses, mind you ;-) I have no flash, no java, only the add-ons.

When I browse Wikipedia some of the images are messed up. Meaning there
is another image, most of the time a detail from a larger picture in
place. You can see the not so sharp image and check with the captions -
that is certainly the wrong image.

Wikipedia, thanks to HTTPS Everywhere is always on HTTPS.

I got worried yesterday when instead of the Wikipedia logo on the
top-left corner there was the picture of a nazi (army) guy with a
swastika and all. I haven't noticed any other site to have this problem.
And I have no issues using other protocols routed through Tor.

I double checked with a clean install of TBB. The page is clean.

I triple checked with my regular connection: IceWeasel plus HTTPS
Everywhere. The page looks fine.

Back to a new instance of the initial TBB: the third opened page on
Wikipedia has messed images.

Anybody has met anything like that?

Anybody can explain this behavior?

Maybe removing the installation folder would solve the issue. Maybe
removing some of the add-ons too. But I would miss the opportunity if
that is a serious issue.

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