[tor-talk] (no subject) HTTPS Everywhere

krishna e bera keb at cyblings.on.ca
Thu Jul 3 12:24:31 UTC 2014

On 14-07-02 10:59 PM, Seth David Schoen wrote:
> ideas buenas writes:
>> Why is markmonitor.com and its derivates in my TBB? How can I do to delete
>> this ? Are they watching me?
> Hi,
> Are you talking about seeing a markmonitor.com rule in the HTTPS Everywhere
> Enable/Disable Rules menu?
> https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere/atlas/domains/markmonitor.com.html
> If so, this is one of thousands of HTTPS Everywhere rewrite rules that
> are included with HTTPS Everywhere, which is included with the Tor
> Browser Bundle.  The goal of HTTPS Everywhere and its rewrite rules
> is to automatically access as many sites as possible with secure HTTPS
> connections.
> HTTPS Everywhere typically does not make your browser access sites or
> services that it would not otherwise have accessed, so it shouldn't help
> sites monitor your web browsing if they would otherwise not have been
> able to.  

"typically does not"?!  Why is that not "never"?
i am guessing either
a) rogue or buggy HTTPS Everywhere rules
b) sites that redirect SSL/TLS connections elsewhere

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