[tor-talk] Tor Exit Operator convicted in Austrian lower court

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When Edith Windsor approached Roberta Kaplan to take her case after she had been forced to pay $363,053 in estate taxes only because she had been married to a woman, instead of a man, she offered to pay for the defense, and Roberta immediately agreed to take the case and immediately said, no we will take it pro bono - you don't understand - and the defense in United States v. Windsor ended up costing $3 million, but helped millions of homosexuals who had been affected by DOMA. Legal cases are expensive but important to fight.
Christopher Booth

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> In the blockchain I saw a pretty good fed of BTC to his donation
> address - folks in the community didn't turn back on this. With that
> sum donated there he could arrange for a top lawyer, minimum. I don't
> know what was the exact rate when he cashed those into FIAT anyway but
> still it was something.

"...261.91743313 in bitcoin donations which is worth almost $170,000 today"

"Yes, this is correct. Back then i sold them (entirely) for around 5000EUR via
Virwox and BTC24."

"For clarification: My lawyer costs 250EUR / hour, this 10000EUR total
(Paypal+BTC) funded (with tax i paid ignored, else around 30) 40 hours of my
lawyer which obviously in such a case is not enough by far. I myself invested
more than this in the case."


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