[tor-talk] Court – Official statement part #1

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Wed Jul 2 16:41:25 UTC 2014

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Court – Official statement part #1

Posted on July 2, 2014 by Will

As seen possibly here, or here i lost the Tor case and was sentenced to 3
years probation (instead of 3 months jail) and all fees (court and experts,
Assumption ~30000EUR, not less than 20k for sure).

The sentence is based on §12 which allows for anyone to be dealt with as
perpetrator (which is a pretty dictatorial law IMO) and this is based on that
i knew it *could* possibly be used for criminal activity (in this case child

I won’t write much more yet before i have the written ruling (i do not even
know my probation terms yet) but merely want to explain why i won’t appeal
this sentence:

First would be that I simply can’t afford it anymore, donations covered a lot
of lawyer fees but i had to use my entire money on this case as well, i’m now
bankrupt and the garnishment (a rare word, DE: Pfändung) of my income (to pay
the 20k+ costs) does not help with it either. I have high medical costs as
well besides which are more important. I’m not really interested in more
external funding due to taxation issues with larger amounts (and i do not
want *another* crime on me).  – Second is that i just want to be done with
this, i had now years of “issues” (i would write “harassment” but then i get
sued again for sure) (Ex: Citing my boss to the police for questioning (x3);
physically monitoring my boss in Vienna; citing friends to the police for
questioning (x2); confiscation of bank transaction data; Polish extradiction
threats for hacking cases there (x2); citing me for useless questioning
causing lawyer costs (x5+) etc. etc.) – It’s now finally over and besides the
cost i CAN live with this sentence, it does not show up in police registers
and won’t be an issue for work and alike in the future.  – Third is the
mental component, this years of “horror” changed a lot up to me being
hospitalized (x3…) with paranoid schizophrenia (which was a wrong diagnosis,
but still it’s not helpful if you HAVE to assume permanent monitoring of
everything), PTSD (among other issues) and now taking medication – It took
it’s toll, including me getting fired for being in the clinic/sick stay for a
long time, i just can’t afford to loose my job or go the clinic again even if
i actually should be still there.  – Fourth is the attention, media and
personal – I don’t really like any attention on myself, especially when
others should get it (like some public cause, Pirateparty or alike).  –

So this is it for now, stay tuned for more in a few days.

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