[tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor Security and Anonymity

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Tue Jul 1 23:23:46 UTC 2014

I hope that the list moderators will forgive me for saying that you're 

And, I note how you don't acknowledge the points which tear yours 
apart. I guess that is one way to try to create the impression that 
you've won an argument.

 On 07/02/2014 01:23 AM, Mark McCarron wrote:

 > Except that we know that such an attack is underway through PRISM 
and that no one made any moves to fix it.
 > How long has it been now???  A year???
 > By any measure I am sure we can call that material assistance.
 > Regards,
 > Mark McCarron
 >> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 17:55:18 -0400
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 >> Subject: Re: [tor-talk] Illegal Activity As A Metric of Tor 
Security and    Anonymity
 >> Mark McCarron wrote:
 >>> Tor was designed to fit into that global view and provide US 
intelligence with the locations of both users and hidden services, 
whilst pretending to provide anonymity.
 >> [citation needed]
 >>> I don't see anyone denying it.  Do you? Its been 6 days already.
 >>   There's also a large Tor event going on where dozens of people 
 >> getting important things done.  Not everyone finds it useful to 
 >> to far-fetched accusations with no basis in reality.
 >> ~Griffin
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