[tor-talk] Dowse: a transparent proxy setup supporting Tor

Jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Mon Jan 6 16:09:03 UTC 2014

re all,

Last night I've released this little handy software called Dowse, which
might interest people on this list.

Here is the homepage of the project: http://dyne.org/software/dowse

It consolidates what has been my home setup for years now into an easy
to deploy script, tested on both Debian 6 and 7, but should run on any
GNU/Linux box really.

Originally inspired by a post on https://www.antagonism.org which
illustrates how to speed up Privoxy by putting a Squid in front of it,
Dowse helps users with light sysadmin skills to setup such a transparent
proxy at home to filter all traffic on the port 80 (HTTP).

The result is a DHCP and local DNS (implemented with dnsmasq) that can
run such services instead of the ADSL router (which we know nowadays
more than ever it can have backdoors... aehm) and filters out all ads
and a good deal of privacy-eroding web junk for all people connected
through its LAN, without the need to install anything on their
computers, which in fact can run whatever operating system they have.

What it does also - which might interest you in particular - is detect
all URLs whose domain ends in .onion, routing them directly to Tor,
effectively making the onion network accessible without any plugin or
software installed. We know this is not optimal for browsing the onion
in total privacy, yet is a perfect way to let social spaces have a
window on that world that people can use to peek in and make an idea.

Here is the announcement: http://freecode.com/projects/dowse
Here is the GitHub repo: https://github.com/dyne/dowse

Feedback is very welcome, this is an early public release and can well
use some testing and auditing. I'm planning some more features soon, but
holding my horses just for the moment... among them is dnscrypt
integration, parallel execution of multiple privoxy+tor pipelines to
speed up browsing via squid's round-robin, chroot binary distribution
and testing on OpenWRT and RPi.

I'm interested in reading your opinion on all this,

best wishes for the 2014 and many thanks for keeping up Tor


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