[tor-talk] Is there a representative of the LizardSquad on this list?

benjamin barber barberb at barberb.com
Sat Dec 27 05:17:27 UTC 2014

The things that the some Tor members have done in the past, in regards to
some less then becoming behavior in public, is pretty indicative of the
reason why they're getting "harassed".

On Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 7:41 PM, hellekin <hellekin at gnu.org> wrote:

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> On 12/27/2014 12:24 AM, benjamin barber wrote:
> > Yes, if not for the fact that Tor have been *COMPLETELY* receptive to
> > criticisms about how they run things.
> >
> > Its not as if some members of Tor are bigoted and walk around with a chip
> > on their shoulder against 'enemies'.
> >
> *** I fail to understand the technical argument you're making regarding
> a potential 0day threat to the Tor network.  If you'd like to explain
> the threat in technical terms, leaving aside the messy human details of
> how we routinely misunderstand each other, that would certainly help the
> discussion move towards happy resolution.
> If you believe the threat is real, then you should probably send
> encrypted email to the proper channel for security issues with Tor.  Did
> you do this, and try to come straight to the mailing list for getting
> things done?
> I don't know how "Tor" would react to criticism, but I'm certain you
> won't get any positive reaction if you don't try to formulate criticism
> without feeling the need to antagonize the discussion. So, let's say
> there's no enemy, what's the next step?
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