[tor-talk] Is there a representative of the LizardSquad on this list?

lizards at riseup.net lizards at riseup.net
Sat Dec 27 02:30:00 UTC 2014

If you're going to be guessing you should probably point that out instead
of presenting your guesses as facts. We are not trying to flood the dir
with offline relays.

The fact that you've been referring to this as a Sybil attempt since the
beginning just makes you look dumb, there'd be no point in even attempting
with so few /16s.
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> Well they wouldn't really be able to pull off a successful Sybil if
> they tried. I mentioned this on my Twitter hours ago. A load of kids
> using Google Cloud to run a script to basically set up, get registered
> in the dir and then shut down & repeat. This floods the dir with
> entries of their relays even though most of them are now offline.
> They are just being a pain in the ass and inflating the dir size. Kids
> will be kids and their attempted attack is simply wasting our time.
> When they realised how little they knew of Tor and why they attack
> didn't work, we see this backtracking attitude of "Oh no, it wasn't an
> attack" bullshit :)
> T
> Virgil Griffith:
>> If yes, it'd be nice to know what your aims are in the Sybil
>> attack. Because thus far it is unclear to me what your motives or
>> objectives are.
>> -V
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