[tor-talk] running a stable exit node on a Raspberry Pi B+ (can it handle it?)

Juris - torservers.net juris at torservers.net
Wed Dec 24 21:46:05 UTC 2014

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I'm just running some test with a banana pi and it's too early for a
final conclusion, but I don't see any disadvantage compared to a VPS.

The estimated bandwidth is 5TB/month. I guess this is helpful for the
network. Right now it's just a middle relay.

Detailed results will be available in early January.

Juris Vetra

Am 24.12.2014 um 18:59 schrieb Elrippo:
> You'll get troubled with your PI as it gets some flags :D
> Am 24. Dezember 2014 18:56:46 MEZ, schrieb Chris Dagdigian
> <dag at sonsorol.org>:
>> Colin Mahns wrote:
>>> I wouldn't recommend using a rPi for a Tor bridge/relay. It's
>>> far too
>>> underpowered in my mind to be useful for anyone. If anything,
>>> it
>> might
>>> harm the network by introducing slow hops. A spare computer or
>>> a VPS would be better here.
>>> As far as your bandwidth settings those seem fine, you should
>>> be able
>>> to see connections taking place in arm if the relay is
>>> functioning.
>> Much appreciated! Oddly enough the standard tools don't seem to
>> show the rPi server struggling much at all  tor seems to take
>> 7-20% of cpu-- running 'arm' seems to add an equal amount of load
>> as the tor daemon itself. I'm actually thinking that running
>> 'arm' constantly in a terminal status window may be bogging down
>> the rPi but I'd like to figure out some logging/debug magic to
>> 'prove' to myself that I've got an underwhelming box.
>> If I can trace performance problems to the rPi I'll happily swap
>> in another dedicated box as a replacement.
>> Thanks!
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