[tor-talk] Fwd: Developing an open-source, user-friendly tool for avoiding stylometry; seeking input from community

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Mon Dec 15 04:34:35 UTC 2014

On Sun, Dec 14, 2014 at 11:14:37PM -0500, Alden Page wrote:
> In the spirit of meeting the needs of the privacy community, I am
> interested in hearing what potential users might have to say about the
> design of such a tool. As of now, I envision this tool as a GUI
> desktop application that provides suggestions for preserving anonymity
> much like Anonymouth, although this will be targeted at Tails/Tor
> users rather than researchers. I hope to at least partially automate
> the anonymization process as well, perhaps automatically substituting
> certain words with synonyms or slightly adjusting the structure of a
> sentence in order to get rid of glaring indicators of writing style.
> Please contact pagea (at) allegheny.edu if you would like to be
> notified once the source code is available. For a (very rough) idea of
> what I hope to accomplish with this project, please see a draft of my
> research proposal here:
> https://pdf.yt/d/HsAyoE0VGCYsnVxU

Hi Alden,

Neat stuff! I encourage you to contact the researchers involved in the
previous papers anyway, even if you can't take code contributions because
of your thesis requirements. They likely will have a bunch of ideas on
how to make a more usable version of their program -- many programmers
who write unstable code don't do it because they have no taste, but
rather because they didn't have time to make it better. :)

In particular, I've already forwarded your mail to Rachel Greenstadt
so she can encourage people in her group to collaborate with you. I
encourage you also to contact Arvind Narayanan at Princeton as well.


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