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Sun Dec 14 16:10:34 UTC 2014

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I can see a lot of FUD spread around here regarding Roger and the NSA.

First of all, Tor is free, open-source and its usage is not enforced.
Feel free to use it if you trust it, if not that's ok with the rest of us.

Second, I can't understand how some people think that, if Roger was
colluding with the NSA or other LEA to undermine Tor's values or
implement some kind of a backdoor, this would not be somehow be ket
secret. The reason why it is public is exactly because there is
nothing to hide in a polite collaboration for various topics.

Who can think that a LEA will make information available to the public
which could directly or indirectly disclose their involvement in
something they want to keep secret? Like hey, how stupid the NSA and
Roger were to make this information public, and how smart that person
who read this in Roger's CV was and said: Caught ya! You are working
for the NSA to backdoor Tor. 100 points answer.

I might add the fact that Tor is not at war with LEA. Of course its
goals are to ensure perfect anonymity for everyone, but if a LEA wants
to have a discussion and ask more about Tor and how it works, why
couldn't anyone with knowledge (including but not limited to the Tor
developers) talk to them? It's always better for everyone to be
properly informed. LEA is not something evil, as some people suggest
directly or indirectly here, to the contrary, they are doing their
jobs and Tor devs are doing theirs, but there _has_ to be diplomacy
otherwise the thousands of years of human evolution are wasted.

I am not saying under any circumstances that the NSA or other LEA are
not trying to spy/crack Tor, just that it's done via other means
outside of the control of the Tor devs.

Last thing, receiving donations from the govt. has nothing to do with
a backdoor either. Those money come as a donation and are tax
deductible from fiscal law, and some agencies are _required_ to spread
a certain % of their money to non profit foundations working on
different things depending on their domain of activity. Once you make
a donation, it's a donation by definition so you are not entitled to
put any conditions, like ask for a certain feature or something,
except the entire organization wants it too.

If the money were given to control the development of Tor, they would
be smarter than this and not fund Tor directly as it happens now. You
think it's that complicated for the US govt. to find a big corporation
with interests in the same field and proxy the money through them?

Please think more before you accuse somebody who you don't even know
or ever met.

On 12/14/2014 5:52 AM, andre76 at fastmail.fm wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 13, 2014, at 03:30 AM, kendrick eastes wrote:
>> dont feed the troll. If you ignore them they go away faster.
> I was interested in hearing what he had to say. You folks may
> argue against him/her but it seems to me he had some valid points
> though the poster probably knows that no one will listen to his
> frustration.
> In a later post someone said Rodger spent a summer with the NSA. Is
> that true?
> Thanks,
> Roland
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