[tor-talk] Tor-ramdisk: ARM Porting, other options?, and automation. (silence_eternal)

Anthony G. Basile basile at opensource.dyc.edu
Fri Dec 12 20:46:36 UTC 2014

On 12/12/14 13:27, silence_eternal at hush.ai wrote:
> ​I have been looking lately ​at the possibility of running a Tor
> server on a Raspberry Pi. I would love to use Tor-ramdisk for this,
> but unfortunately tor-ramdisk currently is only supported by i686,
> x86_64, and MIPS, where the Raspberry Pi has an ARM processor. Does
> someone know enough about this or is interested enough to do this? I
> would assist with this but I honestly do not know enough about it to
> know where to start. If not, does anyone know something else I could
> use for this? I would love to have an image I just put on a micro sd
> card, simply just plug in a headless Raspberry Pi, and have it set up
> a Tor relay or exit without any input required by me. This wouldn't
> have to run solely in RAM. If possible, it would also be nice to have
> it search all ports for an open port to use, since on most networks I
> use I don't have permission to port-forward.
> Thanks, silence_eternal

I need a ras pi and then I can build it.  I guess I can build it without 
a ras pi, but I'd be building blindly.

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