[tor-talk] URL Addressing

Rocky_Tor Tor at denstarfarm.us
Thu Dec 11 20:23:02 UTC 2014

Hello usprey,

> Inline below.

> Check. per the default exit policy:

> reject*
> reject*
> reject*
> reject*
> reject*

> no exits allow access to their local addresses.

> Please see forwarded messages from tor-relays below.
> Summary:
> The problem: A user suspects interference with traffic on exit connections.
> Users ad-hoc solution: The user has defined his own (too short?) list of
> trusted exits.
> Proposed long-term solution: Use existing web of trust systems
> .... [snip]

many many thanks for the informative reply. NOW I see why I shouldn't
have been willy-nilly allowed to exit to my router, and so forth.

I should find a Tor-List designed for the less-informed User and not tie
this one up. Is there such?


>  If you were to use an exit

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