[tor-talk] Tor network too fast

Sieme sieme at hacari.com
Thu Dec 11 02:51:43 UTC 2014

I think so too. But what's the default policy now? 3 hops? Or when the 
circuit is established it turns to a 1 hop circuit? Because 100ms seems 
to be a 1 hop circuit like a simple proxy, not an onion routing of 3 
I tried to recompile Tor sources, but it's harder than changing a 
variable, because the code doesn't seems to obey to the default hop 
length when circuit is established.
I believe in conspirations, so do the HOP policy is against us and 
helping NSA to easy trace all Tor users?
In help of my theory, a lot of hidden services was closed in the recent 
past times, maybe not using any hacking techniques but only hacking the 
Tor flux.
If that it's possible, I think that Tor is only another weapon in the 
hands of western government to do propaganda in China and Iran, and a 
stupid proxy for Americans and European people.
Please tell me that at least Torproject is "innocent", is only a group 
of computer scientists, and not a trojan organization. But it's hard to 
think, because maybe near the 100% of the sponsors come from our USA 
government, and, thinking about how was in the past, encryption was 
illegal if too good. Why now can we have a so powerful instrument like 
Tor? Or Tor is not secure by design as we think?

Let there be light

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