[tor-talk] browser fingerprinting

Randolph rdohm321 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 19:20:35 UTC 2014



Anonymity is quite easily broken, if cookies cannot managed (e.g. like
in certain browsers) and if javascript is enabled. As far as we see,
Firefox in the Tor bundle disables javascript, right?
Javascript allows to access the local IP address and files, which host the
local IP address. That`s why Tor and Javascript do not go together.
I miss in FireFox a dedicated cookie management.

Besides these two serious problem there is browser fingerprinting.
Incriminating are the details of a particular browser plugin setup (e.g.
only 1 in 20,830 browsers have an identical plugin load) and the list of
system fonts: 1 in 13,886).

How likely is it, that another one is like me, one of 20.830 and one of

That leads to the question: How can Tor deliver websites without these
settings? Browsing without a browser: e.g. a screenshot in a picture viewer
would not offer these risks.

Ideas? comments? Regards

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